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State Autonomous healthcare institution Of the Republic of Bashkortostan Children’s pulmonology sanatorium

Children’s pulmonology sanatorium works all year round for 160 beds, complies with the technical and fire control, equipped with the necessary modern equipment to provide the full services of rest and improvement of children population of the Republic of Bashkortostan from 3 to 15 years on the profile of the sanatorium pulmonary disease and disease of the upper respiratory tract, as well as the summer rest and recuperation (standard sanatorium and camp). It is located in the ecologically clean area of the city of Ishimbay, in its Northern part, on the right Bank of the river Tairok, in a pine forest, 16 km from the mountain «Shihan». Recreation and recreation of children is carried out in equipped, comfortable rooms with separate bathrooms, showers, upholstered furniture, TV, Internet. A lighted running track in a pine forest is 10 metres away. On the territory of the sanatorium there are playgrounds, a large sports ground for football and basketball, a Playground for beach volleyball. There is also a gym, physical therapy office, a study of emotional discharge, a dry pool.

Daily supervision by medical personnel (pediatrician, physiotherapist), round-the-clock supervision by secondary medical personnel is provided. Six meals according to the norms of «sanatorium-resort food» is carried out by the food Department in the structure of the institution, equipped with all necessary equipment (Combi oven, dough mixer, vegetable cutter). Being fortified with vitamins, kumiss, taken daily oxygen cocktail. Physiotherapeutic procedures include massage, halo therapy (salt mine), aerophytotherapy, inhalation with eucalyptus oil, hydrotherapy (circulating shower, sea salt baths, pearl baths, hot tubs), swimming pool, phytosauna (cedar barrel), thermal therapy (infrared sauna), ozokerite-paraffin applications, mud therapy, electroson, physiotherapy, hypoxiteracy «Mountain air», physiotherapeutic procedures according to the indications and prescriptions of the physiotherapist (UFO, electrophoresis, DDT therapy, UHF therapy, magnetotherapy, currents d’arsonval, SMT.Anti-pulse, UFO-therapy (local), medical treatment (according to the doctor’s indications).

Leisure is provided by the teaching staff (educators and music Director), invited-magicians, animators, circus, organized terrenkur, trips to the lighthouse, a trip to the mountain «Sheehan», sports and musical events using modern equipment and equipment.

The staff of the institution 72 units, 2 pediatricians, 1 physiotherapist, 19.5 nurses, including senior nurse and nurse diet, nurses ward (post), 11 teaching staff including 1 senior teacher and 1 music Director, 14 Junior educators, food 5 units, staff, including laundress 3 units and AUP.